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Epsom Salt Foot Soak Will Eliminate All The Toxins in Your Body

Epsom Salt Foot Soak. Magnesium and sulfate base salt is known as Epsom salt and is derived from the mineral-rich water. Mostly it is used for cooking and seasoning purpose but it has a strong cleansing nature. Therefore these cleansing effects to make it useful for home remedies. However, the list of home remedies using Epsom salt is quite long but here today I am going to share with you a foot soak.

Now you can flaunt your latest summer slippers without fear of tanned feet and cracked heels.

How to prepare:

Usually, the foot is the part of our body that are ignored in all aspects even though they perform the toughest job of carrying the whole body weight. Our feet have nerve endings that are responsible for overall health. Chinese have been using acupressure techniques specifically in this area to treat many diseases. In fact, foot creams and scrubs almost used once in a year and that leads to many feet infections. Epsom salt soak is the best way to make your feet relaxed and fresh at once.


  • A tub of water to soak feet
  • A ½ cup of Epsom salt
  • The essential oil of your choice
  • A gentle scrubber.


  • Wash your feet thoroughly and clean your toes nails.
  • Now take a tub filled with warm water and sit on a chair near it.
  • Add a ½ cup of Epsom saltwater in it and let it dissolve.
  • Add you’re essential oil just a few drops and soak your feet for 30-60 minutes as long as you can.
  • Feel relax and then slightly rub your feet with scrubber especially heels and harden areas.
  • Repeat the process every day before bed and soak your feet at least for 30+ minutes.


Epsom salt is usually harmless and has the least chance of reactions but people with dry skin might develop dry skin patches. Therefore dry skin people should use less Epsom salt and also apply moisturizer to avoid any dry patches. However, if you have damaged skin then concern your dermatologist before using this foot soak.

How it works:

Epsom salt has a cleansing effect which makes it worth using. It not only lightens the skin tone but also clears the dead skin cells and avoids any kind of infections.

  • It reduces the dry skin and helps it remove and replace the healthy cells.
  • It has a soothing effect which makes it worth using.
  • It reduces stress.
  • Magnesium and sulfate will get absorbed and improves skin texture.
  • It also enhances the blood flow which results in better muscle functions.
  • It avoids ingrown toenails and also cures athlete’s foot infection.
  • It also reduces the feet smell and keeps your feet fresh like a daisy.
  • It’s also good for diabetic patients and reduces the high blood sugar level.
  • It has anti-fungal nature and reduces fungus infections.


  1. You can add half a teaspoon of baking soda to soften the cracked heels.
  2. You can slightly massage with granular Epson salt after soaking to exfoliate the skin.
  3. You can add ginger or cayenne pepper to enhance the effect.
  4. I hope you find this remedy helpful and satisfying.