Estrogen Dominance Listen To Your Body Signs

Estrogen Dominance. Hormones are like fuel to our body organs and they act like a messenger in the body which transmits messages to the organ to work according to the situation. Few hormones are gender-specific and few hormones are gender-specific but common in both males and females. However, the amount is varied according to the situation they are going through.

Estrogen is one of the common hormones produced both in males and females and has a specific function. Anyhow excessive production in a male could be fatal and damaging as its one of the basic female hormones.

Basically, estrogen in females maintains the regular cycle and reproductive system but the too low or too high amount can be damaging for both genders. Whatever might be the reason for high or low production but you must be aware of the symptoms directing towards risk factors.

Here I am going to share with you a few of the common alarming conditions that you must take seriously before things get out of hand.

  1. Over PMs:

Usually, all females go through PMs that’s Premenstrual syndrome. But too much or increased intensity of PMs represents a high estrogen level in the body. In addition, heavy flow is also a sign of high estrogen in the blood.

  1. Abnormal Periods:

Early or delayed periods and changes in the patterns also symbolizes the problem in estrogen.

  1. Weight gain:

Even after workouts and diet control you gain pounds and add inches to the waistline then you are at risk line of high estrogen level. You must your doctor for the purpose.

  1. Fatigue and headache:

Hormonal imbalance affects overall health and can make you feel tired and brings severe headaches without any major cause.

  1. Insomnia:

High estrogen also causes sleeplessness and one might feel blurry dreams and sleep cycle. In fact, sleeplessness is due to the discomforts and other issues persisting in the body which include mental and physical both.

  1. Mood swings:

Mood swings at PMs are just normal but constant mood swings and the intensity of the emotions diagnose the high estrogen level. So next time you feel too sad or angry then make a list of tantrums you throughout in a week.

  1. Hair Loss:

Commonly hair growth is directly affected by many hormones and estrogen is one of them. High estrogens level causes severe hair loss and bald patches.

  1. Memory and focus:

You might have many incidents in a day when you forget the usual daily tasks. In fact, you might won’t be able to focus and extract the conclusion of simple tasks that was not difficult for you before.

How to manage estrogens:

  1. Avoid some foods and habits:

The best possible and natural way to reduce the estrogen is to bring changes in your lifestyle. One must avoid compounds that act like estrogen and brings the same result. For the purpose try to do the following tips:

  • Avoid nonorganic dairy
  • Makeup
  • Tap water
  • Birth control pill
  • Soy proteins
  • Dryer sheets
  • Plastic bottles
  1. Detox:

Removing toxins from the body will do wonders in no time and you will feel energetic and youthful afterward. Eat more veggies and avoid junks as much as possible. Simply replace carbonated drinks with Detox water or any fruit infused water.

  1. Massage:

There are many ancient ways of massaging with specific oils and essential oil that improves the lymphatic system. Consequently better hormonal passage and routine.

  1. Exercise:

Avoid a lazy lifestyle and add 30-40 minutes of any kind of workout in tour daily routine. You might have a brisk walk, squats or aerobics or yoga to bring positive changes to the health.