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How To Get Rid Of LICE

How To Get Rid Of Lice. A second worst nightmare to send your kids to school is they come back with tiny parasites in their heads. The school premises usually get in contact with other children and just one person with head lice can contaminate the whole class.

In fact, it does not only gives your child an ugly look but also these tiny lice suck the blood from the scalp that results in hair damage and irritation in kids.

It has been found that kids with lice affected hair can’t focus and have anger control issues. These tiny bugs breed on your scalp and reproduce the eggs and lice within a few days. Therefore the rate of multiplication is very high as compared to any other parasite.  

Head lice bite and suck the blood which results in the itchy scalp, red patches, swollen lymph nodes, and pink eyes. Using medicated shampoo is a temporary procedure and it only wipes out the bugs but the lice eggs get stuck to hair strands and grow within a few days.

In this regard, home remedies are the best and the only solution some of them  I am going to share below:

1. Almond and olive oil:

Almond oil and olive oil are concentrated oil and it suffocates the lice and gradually kills them. However, the application should be more than 12 hours every day until you get rid of them completely. Alternatively, you can also use lice combs 65eww( close bristle) to evacuate the fainted lice.

2. Essential oil:

Likewise, olive oil essential oil also keep these bugs away by suffocating them. However, this essential oil also damages their eggs which results in a lower reproduction rate. Similarly, mix the essential oil with olive oil and spread it all over the scalp and hair length. Then comb and wash your hair.

3. tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is harsh in nature, therefore, mix it up with olive oil and massage affected head. Wear the shower cap for 2-3 hours and then rinse off with the shampoo.

4. Mayo, Coconut and Vaseline:

The combo will reduce the production of head lice and also improves the hair texture. Wear the shower cap after applying the pack and let it work for 12+ hours. Wash your hair and then

5. Nit comb:

Nit comb is the granny’s way of evacuating the lice. Nit comb is a kind of small comb with fine hard bristles. The best way to use the comb is to make your hair wet and apply olive oil then comb with nit comb the lice will get stuck in the comb and you can later kill them with a fine rod.

6. Neem oil:

Neem oil has strong flavors and sour nature that causes the lice to kill effectively. Neem oil is also good for dandruff and yeast infection.

7. Garlic and lime:

Basically, garlic is the main ingredient that suffocates the lice but lime juice is used to dilute it as it will make the application smooth. Simply grind the garlic and dilute with lime juice then apply on the scalp and hair length it also reduces the eggs and larvae of lice.