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Lemon Water Benefits for Health, Weight Loss and Skin

Lemon Water Benefits Weight Loss. Lemon water is a well known and healthiest drink to be used on a regular basis. Natural remedies use lemon commonly and have many benefits for overall health. You might already know all about the benefits of lemon but the consumption of lemon at the right time is necessary.

Here I am going to share a few benefits of using lemon water for a different purpose and the benefits are instant and worth trying.

How To Prepare Lemon Water:

Lemon water is very easy to prepare and it hardly takes few minutes to prepare it.


  • Lemon                                      ½
  • Mint leaves or juice              for flavor
  • Honey                                     for taste
  • Lukewarm water                  1 cup


  • Take medium size lemon and cut into two halves, squeeze the juice in a Luke warm cup of water.
  • Add mint leaves and honey for flavors.
  • Do not use cold water as it might cause throat itching.
  • Drink it daily at an empty stomach before breakfast.

Benefits of lemon water:

  1. Boosts up immunity:

Lemon contains vitamin C and helps in improving the immunity of the body. Blood has white blood cells that play a vital role in fighting against the disease and improves immunity.

  1. Prevents cardiovascular Disorder:

Lemon water has folic acid and helps in re risk of heart diseases. Potassium in the lemon is very helpful in maintaining heart health. Vitamin C has anti-oxidant and it lowers bad cholesterol in the blood.

  1. Best Antioxidants:

An antioxidant is helpful in maintaining free radicals away. In fact, it’s a kind of nature’s way to kill the damaging cells. In addition, an antioxidant also has an anti-aging effect and thus makes your skin look youthful and make your body energetic 24/7.

  1. Aids in dental health:

Vitamin C in lemon water makes it very effective for gums’ health. Therefore it’s highly recommended that one with gums and dental health issues should use citrus fruits as it contains vitamin C. Besides these benefits vitamin C has healing qualities and makes it useful even after surgical treatments in dental health.

  1. Fights Common cold:

Usually, people avoid sour fruits in common cold but lemon water is one of the instant remedies to treat the common cold. Again the main nutrient that makes it worth using is vitamin C. Antimicrobial property of lemon water makes it very effective for treating the infections.

  1. Breath Freshener:

Antimicrobial property of lemon water kills the bacteria in the oral cavity. In addition, it stimulates saliva secretion and flushes out the bacteria which produce malodor. Besides gingival inflammation also a major reason for bad breath and vitamin C helps in treating the gums and odor.

  1. Improves Digestion:

Lemon water is one of the favorite beverages for health-conscious people and it helps in digesting the food that’s not readily digested. Basically, lemon water helps in relieving the stomach ache and reduces bloating.

  1. Beauty skin secret:

Healthy skin is one of the main admired qualities of people using lemon water. Vitamin C and potassium in the lemon makes it a beautiful magical syrup. An antioxidant prevents healthy cell damages and helps in keeping the wrinkles and fine lines away.

Lemon Water Benefits Weight Loss
Lemon Water Benefits