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Pineapple Diet: How To Lose Weight In Just 5 Days

Pineapple diet: how to lose weight in just 5 days.

Usually, crash diets are not a healthy way of losing weight and have long-lasting side effects which can make you add up more pounds. In addition, starving is not the right way to lose weights and therefore one might be able to go totally on a healthy diet instead of junk.

Nowadays pineapple diet is gaining attention as it provides all essential nutrients and gives you the least sugar and fat content that results in healthy weight loss. In addition, it removes the consumed and stored fats from the body.

Basically, maintain the diet and calorie intake can be streamlined to lose weight in no time. So here I am going to share with you some facts about the pineapple diet to lose weight and get a healthy body.

Nutritional value:

Simply in this diet plan, you consume 4-5 pounds of pineapple daily and replace the snacks and main meal with it.

  • Fat                           2 g
  • Protein                 10 g
  • Calories                    1000

In addition appropriate amounts of calcium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins. Its an easy diet without causing much burden on the pocket. However, you might feel monotony as eating the same flavors for 5 days. Also, you might have a few more trips to the toilet as it contains diuretic and anti-constipation ingredients.

How it works for losing weight?

Before starting the new diet plan you must be aware of the way it works for you. Here is a list of few factors that enhance weight loss and make you feel energetic and fresh at the same time.

  1. Bromelain is the main enzyme that makes it useful for reducing inflammation and makes you lose weight.
  2. It helps in improving the digestion process and therefore consumes the essential ingredients and flushes out the toxins and fatty materials.
  3. It also suppresses the appetite and therefore reduces the cravings for snacks and sweets.
  4. Dietary fiber makes it smoothen the bowel movement and thus no stubborn and protruding belly fat.
  5. Rich vitamin fruit makes you feel fresh and healthy all day long and does not harms your skin and hair.

Day 1 meal plan:

Now I am going to describe just a one-day meal plan that you can apply to the next 4 days consecutively by making certain changes and shifting.


  • Pineapple                                    2-3 slices
  • Low-fat yogurt and oatmeal       1 cup
  • Pineapple juice                            1 glass
  • Boiled egg                                   1
  • Lunch :
  • Grilled tuna/chicken breast         1 cup
  • Pineapple                                     1 cup
  • Or
  • Veggies broth                               1 cup
  • Pineapple sliced with yogurt 1 cup each
  • Snack: Pineapple juice and yogurt


  • Chicken /turkey/ fish and pineapple salad                                  1 plate
  • Green tea                                                                                        1 cup

Keep the dinner at the lightest form as much as possible and do not go for a late-night snack as it will ruin your whole day routine.

Repeat this food with slight varieties and appreciate yourself for losing incredibly without feeling weak and starved. Make sure to add 20-30 minutes of light workouts and consume a huge amount of water and pineapple water to lose the weight quickly.