Remove Blackheads in a Natural Way
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Remove Blackheads in a Natural Way

Remove blackheads in a Natural Way. Blackheads are the most common skin problem that might appear on the nose and different parts of the face because of exposure to the environment. Usually, UV rays and environmental pollution makes our skin dull and patchy but blackheads are formed as a result of skin extracting protective substance.

However, those stubborn blackheads are harmless and do not cause any irritation normally but these look ugly and give you an uneven unhygienic look. Therefore these blackheads become most annoying as it comes back again and again. Usually, people use sharp tools to clean the blackheads by squeezing technique but it makes the pores larger resulting in the worst situation.

Cosmetic creams are usually useless in covering up the blackheads as they appear on the makeup cover. Nevertheless, frequent cleansing and scrubbing removes the blackheads in a healthy way and reduces the number. Anyhow, we mostly use instant blackheads removing strip but that also might cause more growth of blackheads and makes your pores larger.

Fortunately, God has created natural ingredients and remedies that help us solve most of the problems in the safest manner. However, opting for the right mix up and right application can help you solve many issues including blackheads. Although home remedies are time-consuming and work at a slower rate the results with the time are brilliant and long-lasting. However, synthetic and cosmetics long use give you some side effects also but natural ingredients are harmless and do not cause any long term side effects.

Here I am going to share with you natural ingredients that can be used to remove the blackheads instantly and it reduces the number for next time.

  1. Egg white:

One of the best and easiest ways of removing blackheads as well as constrict the pores which gradually leads to lowering the intensity of blackheads. In addition, it also smoothens the face skin by stretching out the wrinkles and fine lines.


  • Whisk a fresh, raw and organic egg white and simply on the face and neck area.
  • Apply evenly all over the area and then let it dry a bit and then apply another layer and continue up to 3 or layers of white.
  • Let the mask sit on the face for 15 -20 minutes then gently scrub the mask and rinse with warm water.
  • Repeat the process on a weekly basis and it will make your skin healthy and smooth within few uses.
  • However instantly you will observe the least blackheads.
  1. Honey:

Honey is an ancient ingredient used for beauty treatments. In fact, it is used for hair and skin equally because it has antiseptic properties. However, simply scrubbing with honey around the blackheads helps in cleaning the blackheads in no time.

  1. Clay:

Clay has lightning as well as cleansing property and it has granular nature which is useful for exfoliating the skin and pores and also possesses a stretching effect that helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles and at the same time constricts the larger pores. Therefore this remedy also results in lowering the number of blackheads and size becomes smaller with the time.

Remove Blackheads in a Natural Way


Remove Blackheads in a Natural Way

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