Simple Trick to Remove Brown Spots from Your Skin
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Simple Trick to Remove Brown Spots from Your Skin

Remove Brown Spots from Your Skin. Flawless and spotless skin is not less than any blessing for human beings, especially when you are the one who has a certain social circle. Although cosmetic favors a lot and let you hide all the unwanted spots and marks but that’s only a temporary solution it can’t be applied for all situation. It sounds really awkward to wear professional makeup even in a routine working day thus wearing a natural look is as essential as a makeup look.

How To Get Rid of Brown Spots
How To Get Rid of Brown Spots

Aging is a phenomenon no one can beat anyhow but the effects can be reduced to a minimum as much as possible. Age spots or brown spots usually appear on the face, limbs, shoulders, and hands and it multiplies with the time that’s why they are called age spots. Usually, once they appear it’s not easy to get rid of them so here in this article, you are going to read all about these stubborn brown spots so you would be able to treat them in the right way.


What are the origins of brown spots?

Obviously to treat any kind of problem the first and foremost fact you should know is the origin and the basic root cause of the issue. Usually, the main cause of dark spots or brown spots is exposure to sunlight and UV rays even with sunscreen creams. Some UV rays are so harsh that they penetrate deep into melanin pigments and leave the darker brown spot even after the tanning disappears. So one has to be careful about taking sunbath that what kind of sunlight you are exposing your body.

Simple Trick to Remove Brown Spots from Your Skin

Is it harmful to health?

Just like any other abnormality brown spots also symbolize the abnormal melanin spots which might lead to skin cancer. However, all dark spots do not end up in cancer cells but you have to be careful about a few aspects:

  • The darker shade of age spots.
  • Borders around the age spots
  • Extra growth of age spots.
  • Tender, reddish age spots.

All the above-mentioned aspects are a point of concern and need immediate medical consultation.

How to get rid of age spots:

There are many creams and products that claim to be useful in treating the age spots but either they are super expensive or useless. However, no treatment can beat the natural and organic methods which have been used since ancient time. Here we are going to share an effective remedy that will help you remove the age spots naturally without any expensive or time-consuming process.

Dark Spots
Dark Spots

Anti-aging spot mixture:

Ingredients are easily available and the cost is much lesser than any other branded creams used for the purpose.


  1. Fresh onion 1 diced
  2. Apple cider vinegar ½ cup


  • Cut a fresh onion into cubes and pulverize them in a Ziploc bag on a blunt surface.
  • Now transfer into a blender and then blend with apple cider vinegar to get the smooth textured paste.
  • Finally, use cotton balls to apply on the age spots and repeat the process 2-4 times a week.
  • Do not repeat the process daily as the apple cider vinegar and onion are a strong ingredient and might cause scars.
  • Immediate results are not expected in this method but using it for at least a month will show you visible changes in age spots.
  • Never skip skin patch test before applying on larger areas.

Simple Trick to Remove Brown Spots from Your Skin