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Surprising Uses Of Coconut Oil That You Never Knew

Surprising Uses of Coconut Oil that you never knew. Coconut oil is versatile oil it has been used in the kitchen for cooking and for beauty purposes but it does not end here. Simply adding coconut oil in daily routine has done wonders for many of us.

Therefore I have divided my article into three parts that describe the benefits of coconut oil in cooking, beauty and last but not the least for health. You might know of them before but mostly uses are uncommon and effective as well.

Cooking benefits:

1. High smoking point:

Coconut oil does not oxidize at average high temperature it needs very high temperature and it makes it perfect for high-temperature cooking. Usually, oils oxidize at low temperatures and start producing smoke that gives your food smell of burnt oil. However, coconut preserved the food taste and brings a nice aroma to food.

2. Coffee creamer:

You might need that extra creamy and foamy coffee then just try adding a half teaspoon in the coffee while whisking will have soft foamy coffee and in addition to this, you will feel more energetic after consumption of coconut oil.

3. Aroma:

Coconut oil has the scintillating aroma and it gives food a special flavor. In fact, popcorns made in coconut oil gives you better taste and smell. However, you can also just toss some popcorns in coconut oil to have melting corns.

4. Smoothies:

Simply add half teaspoon of coconut oil in the smoothie you are making and have enhanced flavor and better texture next time. In fact, it contributes to better cholesterol levels.

5. Healthy baking:

Cakes, cookies, and muffins are though mouth watering but yet the health hazards and weight gain is inevitable. However, replacing vegetable oil with coconut oil can make your baking healthy and beneficial. You can replace it with butter and for greasing the baking trays.

6. Energy booster drinks:

Prior to long tiring day treat yourself with delicious energy booster drink. Although sugar-based energy drinks boost up the energy the hazards are far more than benefits but this natural energy drink will have no side effects. Simply add chea seed in a glass of water with a half teaspoon of coconut oil.

7. Egg saving hack:

Simply coat a thin layer of coconut oil around the eggs as it will shield the pores and the eggs won’t get rotten quickly.

Health benefits:

Health benefits list is quite long and still, researches are being made on it but I have tried to sum up a few of them.

1. Direct Energy:

Usually, oils have long chains of fatty acids that take time to convert into energy and most part of it turns into non-soluble fats which results in weight gain. However, coconut oil has a simple structure that makes it easier to convert into instant energy by the liver.

2. Improve brain function:

Researchers have found that not only it provides an instant boost of energy but also helps in enhancing brain activity.

3. Cardiovascular health:

Simply adding a few amounts of coconut in the diet makes your heart and vessels strong and more elastic. In addition, it also clears up the residue from the vessels resulting in better blood circulation.

4. Immune System:

Coconut oil is well known for improving the immune system of the body as it contains lauric acid that contributes to the control and cure of infections.

5. Ketone Diet:

Ketone present in the coconut oil helps to reduce the food cravings and thus resulting in weight loss.

6. Diaper rash cream:

Coconut oil is best and natural diaper rash creams especially during the winter season when most of the time kids are in a diaper and has low air exposure.

Beauty benefits:

Simply the benefits are vast and it’s been used as a beauty product and beauty remedies since long ago.

1. Natural Sunscreen:

Natural and organic sunscreen with  SPF4 that protects your skin from UV rays. However, it also avoids tanning if applied regularly.

2. Cradle Cap:

Usually, infants are affected with this cradle cap and it can be reduced by massaging coconut oil on a daily basis.

3. Hair health:

It makes your fizz go away forever and also add length and volume to hair. In addition, anti-infections properties make it helpful in treating dandruff and other scalp infections.

4. Skincare:

Coconut oil is most of the carrier oil used in treating skin problems. Almost all skin problems can be treated with natural coconut oil. However, it’s suitable for all skin types thus used in many skin remedies.

5. Oral health and strong gums:

Simply coconut oil pulling makes your teeth shine brilliantly and makes your gums stronger. In fact, it reduces the chances and existing tooth cavities.