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Thin and Bald Hair Magic!!! Grow Your Hair Fast With Only 3 Ingredients

Thin and bald hair magic. Gorgeous, thick and shiny long hair is the most attractive beauty trend nowadays. Unfortunately, there are many factors affecting the hair texture and hair growth. However, to accomplish the dream of healthy and long hair we might buy and apply different products claiming to make your hair fuller and brighter but in vain.

Usually, we are reluctant about our hair health and consider the hair fall as seasonal behaviors but sometimes these situations are not that normal and can gradually lead you to permanent baldness or bald patches.

On the other side, continuous hair health treatments are essential for keeping the baldness away. Simply massaging with oil on a regular basis is similar to the consumption of food.

Imagine yourself without eating three proper meals, initially, you will feel weakness and leads to thinning and then might be unable to perform normal functions. The same happens to your hair initially it starts with thinning then gradually losing the strands and finally damaging the hair follicles and causes baldness.

Regular saloon treatments are not affordable for an average person with limited income. Therefore I am going to share with you a magical hair pack based on natural ingredients that will help you repair the damaged hair and make your hair longer and fuller than ever before.

Ingredients used in the recipe are powerful and provides instant nourishment to your hair resulting in damage repair as well as growing new hair follicles.


  • Castor oil                                         2 tablespoon
  • Egg yolk                                           1 fresh (Organic)
  • Honey                                              1 tablespoon natural and raw.

How to consume:

  • First of all, make sure all the mentioned ingredients are fresh raw and organic.
  • Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and mix well.
  • It will turn into a runny paste and sticky paste.
  • Apply with the help of fingers in the roots and hair length.
  • Spread the pack evenly all over the hair and scalp.
  • Cover hair with a shower cap or any polythene bag.
  • Let the pack sit on hair for at least 2-4 hours and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo and warm water.
  • Apply a genuine oil replacement or hair serum.
  • Castor oil and egg yolk posses unpleasant smell which might stay for a longer period so to avoid such smell spray some rose water after rinsing hair.


  • Make the fresh paste for each use as egg yolk will get contaminated with germs very soon.
  • Always use fresh and organic egg yolk for application.
  • Use a genuine brand of castor oil as some might be mixed with other additives and impurities making it affectless.
  • Honey used should be raw and organic as synthetic honey have a high sugar content that is not good for hair health.
  • Apply this pack 2-3 times a week and within a few weeks, you will observe fuller and longer hair.
  • Consuming healthy food and improving protein content in the food will help you get better hair.
  • Avoid junk and processed food and do not apply any hair products like hair sprays and colors
  • Avoid using heat on hair to help hair repair the damage.
  • Trim the dead ends which might cause the reduction of hair growth.

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